the founding Queens! Sam (left) and Sarah (right)

the founding Queens! Sam (left) and Sarah (right)


Sam [@saltylifts]

…is the younger of the two queens and is a fizz bomb of knowledge & experience despite her young years. Don’t be fooled by her baby face.

She loves walking, being in the sunshine, lifting weights to feel good and doing an occasional hot yoga class. She used to be obsessed with training multiple times per day, go-go-go, and always thinking about doing more.

She loves big ass salads (where you can’t see the lettuce because there are so many toppings), roasted potatoes (idk?), ice cream, and a nice glass of Malbec or whiskey, neat.

She currently lives in Boston, MA but has a thing for sunshine and warmth. She envisions being bi-coastal so she can get have it all!

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”

Sarah [@sarahdufflifestyleandfitness]

…is the older of the two queens but is a child at heart, despite being on planet earth for 40+ years.

She has experimented with all the weird diets (baby food diet anyone?!), spent money on supplements, has healed a funky relationship with food and a level of negative self talk which would make your toes curl back on themselves.

She lifts weights because it makes her feel good, though she thinks she should do more yoga but hey no one is perfect!

She loves ALL love food (exceptions offel /eyeballs & anchovies ) and all things fashion! She’s moving to California (not sure when but it’s happening…Universe did you get that?) 

“Dicks and donuts are life”